Training Packages

Puppy Kindergarten: $2,500

  • 4 week program
  • Master crate training (if desired)
  • Master potty training
  • Master basic commands
  • Continued leash etiquette
  • Continued extreme socialization

Turnkey Program: $18,000

A turnkey puppy is the pick of the litter puppy that is then trained for an additional 4 months. These puppies fit seamlessly into your family and lifestyle at 6 months of age, after in-depth training and socialization.

Meet our trainers:

♥️ Deb Cornish: Deb is an experienced dog owner, lover, and trainer. She is a patient and kind soul who works wonders with the puppies!

♥️ Stephanie Allen: Stephanie loves every dog she meets, and spends free time just visiting and caring for the pups. She works hard to ensure your pup graduates at the top of the class!

♥️ Myself: I train turnkey and therapy dogs, they are my family until they join yours. I am seldom seen without a dog attached!

~One of our past kindergarten graduates, Rosie! Our doodles have all passed with flying colors, and have made their families proud!

~One of our past turnkey doodles, Oskar! Named after the great Oskar Schindler. He is as intelligent, spunky, and kind hearted as his namesake. He loves his toys, all other dogs, and his dad!